Charlie Hebdo and the speech freedom

News about the recent attack to a satiric French newspaper can be found in anywhere’s media. The violent act motivated thousands of people to join protests in France and all over the world, as well as discussions about religious intolerances and the famous ‘speech freedom’.

Just to enlighten: doesn’t matter how offended the aggressors were, it does not justify slaughtering people or mistreating them in any way. In my point of view.

Fierce acts are often a matter of public sensibility. Murders interefere in human’s most valuable right: living. Death(s) impact families and friends, but its  relevance on higher scales, from a city to some continents, are based not on human losses itself, but in its intensitity on ‘powerful people’s eyes.

For example: not many time ago, about 150 people died during an attack to a school in Peshawar, Pakistan – mainly kids. Commotion was intense: the country reinstalled death penalty right after, president set a national grieving. What about the rest of the world? Some created funds to help families and to rebuild the school. Some debated about violence and extremism amidst Muslim world.

From the moment a human being turns another person into a corpse, there must be pain. One or three thousands can fall deceased, it is a loss to cry for. But the importance given to some episodes to the detriment of others unveil the pride over the grieve.

Press affirms this outrage were not harmful only to the victims and their families, but to the freedom of media. For me, that’s a partial true. Jornalism is actually able to discuss about whatever they wish – and the mere existence of Charlie Hebdo proves so. Cartunists working in its name created charges that can be rough and disrespectful for many. Once again, that’s not reason enough to turn anyone’s address into a tombstone. Nonetheless, it shows that speech freedom is safe and sound – people working for this cause are not.

While hundreds of thousands die due to deadly diseases in Africa, in civil wars placed on poorer countries, urban violence and so many other causes, the world stops to stare at a single country’s pain. I admit their loss, and I agree such acts should be stopped. But to take care of an injured child doesn’t save the rest of the hospital.


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Uma resposta para Charlie Hebdo and the speech freedom

  1. Manik Doomra disse:

    Its a beautiful write-up. The clarity of thought and concern at emphasizing importance of human life is commendable.


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