Racism and racial prides in a connected world

In the mixed world we live in, with different beliefs, cultures and traditions, the intolerance and racism of so many never stops to astonish me. Underestimating others for such particularities is a proof of one of the deepest ignorances ever seen.

To try to cut off those intolerances, some countries have created laws against racism. But that’s a bit less effective than it seems at a first sight. Consider a group of friends mocking themselves with racist acts. While it keeps between them, everything is okay. But add a listener to the conversation – or post it into a social network – , and you’ll see all hell breaking loose.

So many is spoken about equality and so few is done. The truth is racism is inside of us. A cockroach, for example, is much cleaner than an ant. Nonetheless, whch’s the uglier? Which looks the nastier?

Umatches amidst ‘different’ people always existed. Christians hunted and killed non-adepts, jewishes were massacred by Aryans, Muslims and Hindus divided a country in two. But with the advent of technologic networks, a misplaced argument turns into a racist view, and where there were nothing disrespectful, someone finds a way to claim discrepancy. Innocent ‘emoticons’ are claimed separatists, and the wave of political correct behavior drowns everyone. And for me, those finding racism in absurd places are even more guilty than the ones who sees other races as inferior.

It’s common that people have opinions about different matters. What you think it’s right, some will not agree. And there’s nothing wrong about it. Not everybody will match your point of views, but respecting each other’s stands is a must.


Sobre Nadia

Individualista, chata, implicante e ofensiva. Tread on me or don't tread on me, that's the question.
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