Our inseparable gadgets – and what they did to us

Amidst the knowledges obtained and improved by human race, few could create such a boom like the advent of technological mobile devices – our beloved gadgets.

Not so many years ago, computers and phones were still luxury items. I remember having fun with a Carmen Sandiego game stored on a 3 1/2 floppy disk, which I played on my 20GB old PC. My first mobile phone was a nostalgic Nokia 1220, acquired in 2005 by my aunt for my 11th birthday. I had lots of fun with Space Impact (my childhood proud, this was the only game I could finish – no kidding) and the eternal Snake.

Years passed, and my old buddies grew up with me – even in a much larger scale. A simple device that was meant to do phone calls and send text messages evolved to an all-in-one small machine that could shoot photos, play music, surf the web and so, so on. In a while, it had turned into something so big that even its name changed: it wasn’t just a phone anymore, it was a smartphone.

Computers followed this same path. Processors got faster and smoother, just like its remaining components. Suddenly, it became a part of our daily routine. Shopping, dating, working, playing – almost everything could be done online. And it was modified, too. Laptops came into existence, and right after them, the tablets, an even more portable version.

With such improvements, it isn’t hard to figure out why those gadgets became a part of people’s life. You can see people and their portable devices everywhere: shows, movies, streets, public transport. Nonetheless, along with all the benefits, some disadvantages appeared. This virtual life style leads many to forget they actually had a physical one before. And it’s evident when ‘selfies’ are taken in burials, dates are interrupted by phones ringing, traffic doesn’t move because a driver is texting on his/her gadget.

I’m not against technologic advances. They’re useful and necessary in many senses. Many people use them wrongly or not properly, but that’s not a progress matter. It’s a human matter. A person can use a knife to cut a bread, or to kill someone. That’s why I don’t blame the misuse of an smartphone by its stupid owner.


Sobre Nadia

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Uma resposta para Our inseparable gadgets – and what they did to us

  1. Manik Doomra disse:

    Smooth, fluent and detailed. Nicely explained.. 🙂


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