A documentary of a rapist

Crimes happen anywhere, under a lot of circumstances, and so frequently that, unfortunately, many of us can’t see the real horror behind it anymore. Nonetheless, some of those cruelties can beat us harder. And when a specific one grabs internation attention, we know that things were a lot less further than usual.

It was the case of this terrible crime, when a girl was violently raped and murdered by a gang. Exactly like it uses to happen when some brutality goes viral, every single detail was commented (and judged, of course) to the exhaustion. And while there were that ones who were human enough to just feel very sorry about, a lot of people defending the murderers or affirming that nothing would have happened if she’d had more faith came up. Trying to find excuses or explanations for such a hideous crime is just horrible as the crime itself.

And, more than two years later, when the media’s interest was lost long time ago, and the psychological scars of the victim’s beloved ones still couldn’t be healed, someone comes up with an act that succeeds on being even more despicable as those misguided opinions about the crime.

A documentary interviewing one of the criminals is released.

When I first heard of this, my first astonished thought was simply: ‘Why’? Is there any rational reason to do so? At the same time it can’t be considered respectful in any sense, its justification exists. Just like a famous author can release new editions and sequels of a best seller book, media just found a way to create a revival for an until then forgotten crime, to get them more audience.

That’s how an atrocity gets ressurected. To supposedly remember the memory of the victims, or some other equally poor pretext, its whereabouts are digged out of the cave, and again shown to an audience thirsting for a different subject to discuss and judge.

Right away with the crime, the well known ‘moral judgers’ come back. For them, I’ll always have the golden argument: what if it was your daughter? And if it isn’t good enough, then don’t complain if someone smashes your skull with a hammer while you’re roaming around. You weren’t wearing a helmet, so you asked for it. Just like you think that unfortunate girl was, for staying late out of her house.

My idea of human rights is strict to the respect given to other people’s rights. Once he didn’t even respect her biggest right, which is life, this same right could be instantly taken away from him. And if Dante got anything right about his Inferno, the second circle just got another habitant – and the fifth will get overwhelmed.


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