Statism and its problems

As I decided to be colaborative in this blog again, I’d better do it by starting right now, don’t you agree? 😀

Let’s talk about statism, then.

Statism is a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.. (Wikipedia)

That’s the formal definition of the thing. Practically speaking, statism means only one thing: complete lack of freedom.

What does state do? Or, at least, being simpler, what SHOULD it do?

Think about the things you’d like to have from it. Safety, education, health. And how is it going?

Terrible. Slaughterings and blood baths barely horrorize people nowadays, as it became part of the news routine; Brazil is behind Sub-Saharan countries in basic education researches; public hospitals are a complete mess.

And why is that? Why doesn’t state guarantee us such basic rights as these?

Well, the answer is quite simple. State is unable to give anything to the population; actually, the only thing it does extremely well is taking things from its people.

Consider the high taxes we pay. We work near 5 months a year just to fulfill the required tax amount. Corruption scandals are everywhere. So, we spend a lot of money to have some “rights”, and still we don’t have them.

State sees all of us as contributors. But when people contribute for some thing, they do it because they want to. Us, citizens, are forced to pay taxes, as it is the law. Tax evasion is a crime and can be punished with – more – taxes or even jail.

State is a parasite. It needs outside resources to work, and it is completely unable to produce anything. It just takes away, never gives back. Because what state wants is to fortify itself and gain even more, not to take care of the people.

In places where state is too much intrusive, it controls even your personal life. For example, here is a crime to beat children. Evidently, it’s terrible to spank anyone, even worse if it is a defenseless person like a child. But as a parent, you don’t even have the right to slap your mannerless child if he misbehaves. This is pure dictatorship.

And well, what’s the solution? As you can see, state creates much more problems than it solves. So, the best scenario is a controlled state, as reduced as possible, with no possibility of interfering on personal choices (your children) or private properties (your money). What belongs to you, should remain with you, unless you choose otherwise. This is the basis of everything. If we cannot choose, we are slaves. There is no dignity where there is no freedom. And state is always against freedom, because it means less gains for it and more people against it.

Do not support states, wherever or whatever they are. They want nothing good for you or your life. On the contrary, they wanna extort you to death.


Sobre Nadia

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