Distractions from reality

Yes, I love chocolate. It tastes good and stuff. But no, it doesn’t calm me down when I’m pissed, it doesn’t make me feel better/stronger/happier/whatever. But I do really (really) appreciate eating it at times. When I do, I’m not concerned about the bad grades I got in last tests, how my skin looks too dry and I need really to hydrate it better. Traffic is not a struggle, politics does no harm, that nice guy that just doesn’t text me if I don’t do it first disappears. My concentration revolves around chewing that adorable cocoa derivate, and maybe rambling a bit, while ‘What a wonderful world’ plays around, butterflies come, sun shines and the world’s happy.

No, don’t question my mind health. I’m perfectly sane.

Distractions are a part of our daily routine. And we’re so attached to it that my phylosophical description of eating a mere chocolate probably made you wonder why I’m so weird – and how much kilos I weight. 😀

Cinemas are a nice place to go. Those amazing enourmous high-definition screens, combined with the comfortable armchair, seems to take us to a whole new world, where witches exist and go to special schools to know how to handle with the dark magics, dwarves fight elves to defend their lands and pretty girls live adorable love stories when a guy comes from anywhere and saves her from all.

And when the movie is over, sometimes the story was so stunting you find it hard coming back to the real life. You flew away from reality for a while. Just like happens when I get some chocolate.

Everyone has his/her favorite way for real-life escapism. Eating, going to the cinema, playing games. We all enjoy it to an extent – some use it just for time pass, others might find in it a relief. And why do we do so? Certainly, life is not always that simple. There are problems, bills to pay, people to handle, and a non count sort of issues that can complicate our existence – and make us feel bad. In those cases, a joy distraction takes you away from all these sources of concern, and that’s something most of us will look for.

Those escapes have a value. They might be necessary and good at times. Anyone struggling in his/her own problems and not taking a break from them will probably get more stressed than someone who finds a way out. Nonetheless, running away from troubles is never a solution, specially when you decorate them with actions that pretend they do not exist. So, one of the incognites in life’s equation is to deal our own problems without letting them turn living into a nightmare, nor turning back to them and look for loopholes to get away.

Solving this equation is another problem. Get all ready.

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Disrespect and abuse in the current days

For a human being, (normally) it is nice to feel inserted into the society. If not admired and praised, emotions reserved for few, being respected and well-treated seems to be good enough. And, obviously, any kind of racism goes against it all.

We’re all used to hear about different ways of disrespect, and its common victims. Teenagers said not to be already ready for a job, women suffering abuse for their professions or/and position, children beated by adults, in a very sad and long list that nowadays, doesn’t hesitate on adding everyone as a new member.

Even following the patterns that society aims to reach defends you from being mistreated. If you’re thin, you’re an slave of diets and health food, accused of leaving a normal life behind a perfect body. Fat? How can’t you take care of your own body? Don’t you know eating too much is bad for you? An intelligent and handsome guy: just an arrogant metrosexual. None of them? You’re weird. Dude.

Nothing against the people and organisations that spend so much money and time in a beautiful work to attend those potential victims, but why is a woman abused by her husband more important than a husband abused by his wife? For a man in this situation, even more humiliation arises, once he was supposed to be the stronger edge. So, it would be much more admissible to be in the opposite scenario. Is it? Really?

In times where abusings can come from anyone and affect everone, who’s safe? Well, probably not you, in front of a computer reading random blog posts. Don’t you have anything better to do? Go find a job.

And a trimmed beard would look quite more interesting than this Santa Claus inspiration. Dude.

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The fragility of us.

I am not a fan of television, so I use to read news and get up-to-date using the Internet. I find it a magnificent tool, despite its miserable uses. And, probably as any other Internet user, I read about Ebola outbreak.

It might be hard for the most dominant species ever on Earth to see how fragile it can be in front of natural strengths. Earthquakes, seaquakes, flows, eruptions, diseases… Humans can fight against it, but Earth itself impacts the life of its beings – just like it always did.

We modified our planet. Other species are here for so long before us, but human influence changed Earth like it never happened before. Resources that needed thousands of years to make up got explored in a few centuries. Creatures that dwell here almost since Earth was born disappeared. Countless species were doomed to extinction.

Guests came and took their freedom; what stops the host of having the same?

 Earth faced many adverse situations: from the meteor rain to the Ice Age, complications was what our planet got surrounded by. And even with its apparently bad consequences, Moon’s proprietary made it through. And it will possibly keep doing it for much time. So, maybe the question “Will Earth overcome it?” should be replaced by “Will we overcome it?”.

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A good book – and some ramblings about

I recently started reading this book (in Portuguese, still gotta find if there is any English version) about an entrepreneur girl that worked – and learned – a lot while at the Silicon Valley. She’s an enthusiast of knowledge, and it inspired me to do a self-look and understand what I really wanna achieve in life.

To rephrase a friend of mine, I believe studying can be boring at times, but learning is very rewarding. I chose sciences as my field of study, although I never liked Math that much. I knew it would be difficult, and it is. However, the challenge of the task can inhibit me, but it often stimulates me to try harder and do more. Knowledge is a never-ending jolly activity for me.

People are very necessary. It took me time, but I understood how vital they can be for me. At college, I shared efforts with friends at tough subjects, and it improved my capability of social interaction, and my results, too. I felt happy for helping them and being able to do a good job, admitting I hardly would handle to do it all by my own. In the other hand, a few teachers were so unmotivated that I started getting disinterested. I blamed them for my apathy, but I was mistaking my influence. I presumed that, as lecturers, they should help me go forwards, but I forgot the decision, doesn’t matter the guidance, is mine. Individuals can be demotivating and focus-takers, but they can’t walk for me. That’s a personal and exclusive task. It taught me people can be – and are – an inspiration and a reason to go ahead, but the steps are still on my responsibility.

Instead of looking at others, it helps looking at myself. I like to understand my abilities and weaknesses, strengths and vulnerabilities. And it is astonishing how easy it is to ignore a truth that you actually already know. That’s what I’ve been trying to avoid. But it is not a simple job. Sometimes the comfort of the illusion seems so cozy, but it’s price is always high. Everyone has its vulnerabilities, and being able to see them is what uses to make us stronger.

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My odd musical taste…

As I grew up with a classical music fan father, I came up enjoying some kind of uncommon music for the current days. Nonetheless, modern songs are also a part of my huge, mixed styled playlist. From The Beatles to The Backstreet Boys, I learned liking a lot of different types of sound. Sometimes I wake up in a “Pop mood”, so I gotta put Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Lindsey Stirling and stuff on. System of a Down, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Van Canto and others make up my “Rock mood”. But the “Rock mood” has many faces. If it is soft rock, I listen to Nickelback, Hoobastank, Three Doors Down… Dope, Queensrÿche and Motorhead are for my “Heavy metal mood”. There are much more songs… And even some more styles. I still gotta improve this post later, add up some organised playlists. But that’s the kind of thing I’ll take time to do, so, for now, that’s a resumed playlist, that contains some of my favorite rock songs.

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